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Tutu Tutorial

Contributed by Melainne Kelly of Baby Bundle Nursery.
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What you need~
Elastic - 25mm in width (1 inch)
1 Tulle Roll - 15 cm (6 inch) width x 25 m (27 Yards) length.
A piece of Ribbon the same colour as the Tulle.
Some 'Bling' - in this case I have a little heart.
Hot Glue Gun.


 Measure your little one's waist.


Subtract a few cm from the waist measurement.
I've taken off 4 cm (1 1/2 inches).


 Sew the elastic together.


Now measure from your little one's waist to the length you'd like your Tutu to be.
In this case 23 cm (9 inches).

Double that length and add on a few more cm (inches) to allow for the 'knot.'
In the case I've added 7 cm (3 inches).
So the length I need for the Tulle is 53 cm (21 inches) for each strip.


 Cut the Tulle into the lengths you require.


Just a few of the Tulle lengths.
Just a few hundred more to


 Place the Elastic around your leg.


 Then make a loop in the middle of your length of Tulle.

  Pop the Tulle loop under the Elastic.

 Then pull the two lengths of Tulle through the loop.


 Pull them all the way through.


 Pull it tight.


 Then pull it back towards you (just so it looks a bit neater).

Continue adding another piece of Tulle and slide it next to the previous one so it's snug but not too crammed.

 Make a Bow with a piece of ribbon in the same colour as your Tutu.

 Sew the Bow onto the Tutu and then glue on your 'Bling' with a Hot Glue Gun.

 Tutu All Done!
Olivia (my youngest daughter) and I had fun making this Cute Little Tutu. xx ♥♥

Contributed by Melainne Kelly of Baby Bundle Nursery.
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Basic Premie, Preemie Painting

Contributed by Melainne Kelly of Baby Bundle Nursery.
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Here is my Basic Premie/Preemie Painting Tutorial.
It is my hope this Tutorial blesses you in your Reborning journey.
I am in no way an expert in any way.
This is just a glimpse at how I do things.
Big Hugs to you ALL. xx ♥♥

This is the Kit I will be using for this Tutorial.
She is 'Teagan' by Denise Pratt.
The Kit is quite pink, normally I would neutralise it, but as I like my Premies more 'pink' I wont. 

**PLEASE NOTE~ that even when not stated, I have Baked after Each and Every bit of painting.**

The first thing I'll be doing is a flesh layer.
This helps all other paint to 'stick' to the Kit.
I only use Genesis Thinner on my Dolls, so I'm using ~ Genesis Thinner, BB (Bountiful Babies) Baby Skin and a touch of BB Vein Blue (this helps to tone done any orange tones in the flesh).

Here are the amounts I'll be using.

Here it is mixed.

I then pounce the flesh colour on all over the Kit, using a sponge.
I use a Mop Brush to pounce into those 'hard to reach' spots.
Here she is with her flesh coat after being baked.

Next I'll be doing her Veins.
Here I have mixed some BB Vein Blue and some Genesis Thinner.

Here you can just see her Veins.....just showing!

Now I'll mixed a touch of Genesis Yellow to the BB Vein Blue to make this more 'green' colour.

Next I'll use these tweezers to make little holes out of a sponge to make a mottled effect on my bub.

Here is the sponge I use.

Here I've done the mottling on the inner sides of her arms and legs.

 I've also done green mottling on her Forehead and next to her nose.

Next I'll be doing some 'red' mottling.
For this I'll be using BB Lip/Blush/Nail, Crimson 01 and for my Premies I always add some BB Eyelid Purple.

Here are the amounts I'm using.
1st is BB Lip/Blush/ Nail.
2nd Crimson 01.
3rd BB Eyelid Purple.
(Sorry about the bad lighting in this photo. We had four season in one day....that's for sure!!)

Here's the colour mixed.

I've decided to add some more BB Eyelid Purple to this colour.

Here it is mixed. That's better!

Here is the sponge I'll be using to do the 'red' mottling.

I 'load' the sponge up and then take off the excess paint by pouncing it on the plate before pouncing it on to the kit.

I pounce this colour all over the limbs, with only a touch on the backs of hands and feet.
I leave the palms and soles of feet clear.
I also pounce it all over the head, leaving the face mostly clear, apart from the forehead, the lower parts of cheeks and a touch on the chin.

Now I'll use the Blue/Green colour from earlier to do some 'blueing' tones.

I paint the 'blueing' on with a paint brush.
Here is the bottom of her foot.

Now I've pounced over it with a Mop Brush.

I've also done some 'blueing' under the ankle.......

Around the toes.......

Under the knees and elbows....

Around the fingers and on the palms.....

Across the bridge of the nose, corners of eyes, sides of nose, creases near mouth and crease of chin.
Make sure you pounce over each spot with the Mop Brush.

Here she is after being baked.
This is a better photo to see the mottling on the face....on the forehead, bottom of cheeks and chin.

I'll be using this colour again that I used for the mottling to do the creases.

Use a thin Liner Brush and make sure you paint in every single crease!

Then pounce over with your Mop Brush.

On the Nail Bed I just do the back and sides of the nails, leaving the front clear.

Here's her little leggies all baked.

Here's her little face all done.

Next I'll be doing some Blushing.
I'll be using the same 'Purple Based' colour that I used for the mottling and creases.
I do this on the knees, outer top thighs, on the outer soles of the feet, elbows, upper outer arm, cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.
In this photo the leg on the left has been blushed, the one on the right has not.

Here she is baked after her first layer of blushing.

Now I'll do another layer of blushing on her forehead, nose, lower cheeks, palms of hands, soles of feet and finger and toe tips.

Now I'm going to mix some BB Eyelid Purple with some Genesis Thinner.

Here it is mixed, it is quite 'thin' like a wash.

I have used this BB Eyelid Purple wash and done THREE layers (baking each time) on the WHOLE of the hands up to the wrists, and the WHOLE of the feet up to the ankles.
Here's what it looks like.

Next I'll be using this colour for the lips.
It is Genesis Thinner, Pyrrole Red 02 and a spot of Mars Black.

Here she is with her second coat (baking after the first) of lip colour on.
I've also done some BB Eyelid Purple in the corners of her eyes

Here is some BB Eyelid Purple mixed with some Mars Black.
I'll use this colour on the deeper creases, between the fingers and toes and in the nostrils and ears to give depth to them.

Deep creases and between fingers and toes done on the limbs.

Nostrils, eye creases and chin crease done on the head.

Don't forget them little ears.

I have pounced over the creases with the Mop Brush.
Here she is all baked.
This photo nicely shows that her hands and feet are more purple from the washes I gave them.

This photo is a little fuzzy (Sorry!!) but here I've done a layer of BB Eyelid Purple on her Eyelids.

Next I've mixed some BB Nail Tip with some Genesis Thinner.
I'll be using this colour for some little 'milk spots' on her nose as well as for her nails.

Here they are all done and baked!!

Next I've decided to do a few more coats of BB Eyelid Purple on the lower parts of her Eyelids.
Here it is painted on.

Now I've pounced it with the Mop Brush.

Here she is baked after yet another layer of BB Eyelid Purple on her lower Eyelids, and in the corners of her Eyes.
I also used some BB Eyelid Purple to paint on the creases of her lips to give them some more definition.

Here I've mixed up some more Flesh Colour using Genesis Thinner, BB Baby Skin and a touch of BB Vein Blue.

I've pounced a layer of flesh all over the limbs EXCEPT on the hands and feet where the purple wash is.

On the head, I've done the Flesh layer all over EXCEPT on the Eyelids, lips, and nose.

Here is a close-up to show all the tones of colour on her little feet.

Here's her little hands!

Here you can see all her mottling, her veins and the 'blueing' in her arms.

Here is a close-up of her sweet little face.

Now it's time for Gloss, Eyebrows, Eyelashes and Hair!!!! xx ♥♥

Contributed by Melainne Kelly of Baby Bundle Nursery.
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